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Another Buildbox Game: Bird Up Up Up

I just finished up production on my latest Buildbox game: Bird Up Up Up! I wanted to try something really simple and was inspired by an app that Apple featured on the App Store home screen (Don’t Don’t Don’t). Where Don’t Don’t...


My Buildbox Review for mobile Game Development

(This is a review of Buildbox software version 1.1) Let me begin my Buildbox review by first telling you a little back story that really surprised me. I was sitting at my desk recently when my eight-year old daughter noticed that I...


BuildBox 30 Day Challenge

Update July 3, 2016: Just released, BuildBox 2 — 30 day free trial. I’m trying something new this month. I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not, it’s a super simple drag and drop game builder application to make games for...